Alien Skin Escapes Bullets After Collision with Bajjo’s Car

Alien Skin Escapes Bullets After Collision with Bajjo's Car

In a shocking turn of events, Patrick Mulwana, famously known as Alien Skin, narrowly escaped a potentially life-threatening situation when he was shot at by security operatives. The incident unfolded in Makindye, Kampala, after Alien Skin collided with the car of events promoter Andrew Alfonso Mukasa, alias Bajjo, who wasted no time in involving security personnel.

A video captured the tense moment when Alien Skin found himself surrounded by Bajjo, security operatives, and curious onlookers, making the situation even more chaotic. Bajjo’s loud and adamant demands for the singer’s immediate arrest were echoed by some spectators who pointed out Alien Skin’s aggressive behavior. On the other hand, there were voices in the crowd advocating for a more peaceful resolution, considering the artist’s celebrity status.

The collision with Bajjo’s vehicle prompted security operatives to open fire, targeting Alien Skin car and shooting at the tires in an attempt to immobilize him. Fortunately, despite the hail of bullets, no one sustained serious injuries during the altercation.

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Abtex Promotions shared an update about the incident on their Facebook page, cautioning Alien Skin about the dangerous path he was treading. The shocking incident serves as a stark reminder of how swiftly situations can escalate and the importance of peaceful conflict resolution, even in the heat of the moment. Alien Skin’s survival is indeed a testament to his resilience.

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