A Legal Battle Brews Between Abitex Promoter and Serena Bata Over Breach of Contract

Events promoter and talents manager, Abbey Musinguzi, popularly known as Abitex Promoter, is currently at odds with singer Serena Bata. This comes after Abitex issued a demand notice requiring Serena to pay Ugx 750M for breach of contract.

In a legally binding agreement signed in 2020, Abitex Promotions contracted Serena to manage his talent. However, in November 2022, Serena performed at several shows without Abitex’s consent, violating the contract’s terms.

Abitex consequently had to void the contract, and Serena was prohibited from performing the music recorded while still bound to the agreement. Despite Abitex’s requests, Serena refused to comply, prompting him to seek legal action.

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A demand notice was issued on April 18, 2023, by Abitex’s attorneys at Lukwago and Company Advocates. The notice stipulates that Serena must refund Ugx 100M she accrued during performances held without Abitex’s knowledge. Additionally, she is required to pay Ugx 300M in fees, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses related to her breach of the agreement and failure to perform her obligations.

Abitex also demands that Serena pays Ugx 350M within seven days of receiving the notice before performing the songs she recorded while still under his label. These songs include Bikalubye featuring Chris Evans, Single and its Okay, Rukundo ft Ray G, Ewange ft Geosteady, Ebisenge ft Peace Lalisa, Gwantama ft Nina Roz, Ofunye Omusoga ft Yaled, Land Lord, and Omulala. Failure to adhere to the notice will result in immediate legal action.

It’s clear that Abitex is not willing to let this breach of contract go unpunished. His demand notice highlights the severity of the violation and its consequences. It’s now up to Serena to respond to the notice and take the necessary steps to address the issue.

It’s essential for artists and event promoters to uphold their contractual obligations to avoid such disputes. Contractual breaches can have significant financial and legal ramifications, affecting an artist’s reputation and their ability to secure future deals.

A Legal Battle Brews Between Abitex Promoter and Serena Bata Over Breach of Contract

In conclusion, it’s crucial for both parties to adhere to their contractual obligations to avoid any disputes. It’s also essential to seek legal advice when drafting and signing contracts to ensure they are legally binding and enforceable.


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