Spice Diana Breaks down in tears while performing

Source Management singer Spice Diana couldn’t control tears from rolling down her cheeks due to the  love shown to her by her fans.

Spice Diana, real name Hajarah Namukwaya, was recently hired to perform at one  big music event in Uganda

During her performance, fans showed her love that she couldn’t expect and the fans ended up making a colorful day for her.

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Here at news platform we are here to tell the audience that to be loved is by God’s grace not man’s grace.

A viral video was circulating on all social media platforms how fans were splashing money over her.

Due to the too much love showed to her by fans, she even stopped singing and she started whipping her tears full of joy and happiness.

After seeing this great gesture of love, we are here to tell you that Spice Diana is now the most admirable and loved female artist in Uganda.

Recently Kapa Cat was disgusing her that she bleaches but she has accepted that the lady is loved than her

We interacted with spice diana and she told us that “This love is too much from my fans, I can’t believe it and i will always appreciate my fans by doing good music to please them,”.


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