Spice Diana: A Generous Heart for Uganda’s Special Children

Spice Diana, a Source Management Entertainment singer and public figure, continues to prove her charitable nature by extending support to those in need. Despite recently being in a fight with dancer Ritah Dancehall, Spice has consistently shown her good side through charity.

On Monday, Spice Diana shared images of a special foundation home she is constructing in Mpigi, with the aim of supporting and sheltering underprivileged children and mothers. The home will have 37 blocks, each with 6 units to hold thousands of special children and their parents. Spice Diana plans to educate these children, equip them with soft skills, and provide them with the basic needs they require.

In addition, Spice is partnering with Dina Special Children Foundation Uganda, and launching the #KillStigma campaign to save thousands of Ugandans living with special children. Through this campaign, Spice and her friends are striving to recognize every child God gives us and ensure no one is left behind. The foundation home will also have a big farm that supports everyone financially and with fresh food.

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“Together with Dina Special Children Foundation Uganda, we are a generation that will stand up for all the special children of Uganda.

Today I visited our special pearl of Africa home in Mpigi, it’s going to be a home of 37 blocks each block has 6 units for thousands of special children with their parents.

Most especially the caretakers or mothers that were abandoned by their partners. They will be catered for, educated and equipped with soft skills, treated, and more.

At this center, we shall have a big farm that will support everyone financially and with fresh food. A campaign entitled #KillStigma will save thousands of Ugandans living with special children.

I “spice” and all my friends will stand up for these pearls of Africa (Uganda). Let’s recognize every child that God gives us. No one should be left behind #killstigma

Spice Diana

By creating this foundation home, Spice Diana is showing her generosity and her commitment to helping Uganda’s special children. Her campaign, #KillStigma, is a reminder to us all that we should recognize and support those in need. With her help and kind spirit, no child will be left behind.



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