Panic in Judiciary: Driver Stanley Kisambira Rants About His Salary | Frustrations Spark Urgent Response in Judiciary

Panic in Judiciary: Driver Stanley Kisambira Rants About His Salary | Frustrations Spark Urgent Response

A driver working for the Judiciary, Stanley Kisambira, recently expressed his dissatisfaction with his low salary, sending officials in the third arm of government into a state of panic. His grievances have sparked a rush to engage him and make promises to others in similar situations.

Having served in the Judiciary for the past 15 years, Kisambira took to social media to voice his frustrations over what he considered an inadequate salary for his position. He drew a comparison between his pay and that of the Chief Justice, making a compelling case to the public to justify his concerns.

Upon discovering Kisambira’s audio recording, Judiciary officials called him in for an open conversation, urging him to utilize formal channels of communication for such matters.

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In a subsequent statement, the judiciary acknowledged Kisambira’s concerns and assured that interventions have been implemented and will continue to be reviewed to provide assistance to him and others facing similar challenges.

While admitting that the approved salary for drivers may be insufficient, the judiciary leadership resolved to enhance the allowances for all non-judicial staff, including drivers, in accordance with CSI No 6 of 2018 on duty facilitation allowance. This intervention aimed to support lower-ranking staff members whose salaries have not been revised.

According to the judiciary, this intervention ensures that each driver receives a reasonable consolidated allowance on a quarterly basis. When combined with their salaries, drivers now take home at least Shs1 million. Moreover, they are entitled to fringe benefits such as health insurance.

The judiciary statement further emphasizes that all efforts are being made within the legal framework to address staff welfare concerns, assuring employees that their well-being remains a top priority.

Kisambira’s comments come shortly after the recent shooting of former State Minister of Labor, Charles Okello Engola, by one of his security personnel, Private Wilson Sabiiti. Witnesses reported that following the shooting, Sabiiti discharged his firearm into the air, proclaiming that he would not remain destitute while working for a high-ranking minister.

It is believed that Sabiiti’s frustrations stemmed from a multitude of personal financial issues, which ultimately influenced his actions. Finally, the driver’s grievances have instilled a sense of urgency within the Judiciary, leading to swift actions and promises to address the concerns of Stanley Kisambira and others facing similar salary challenges.

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