Jose Chameleone Wishes No Playing His Music When He Dies

It is not uncommon for musicians to want to be remembered for their music and legacy after they are gone. But for Uganda’s legendary singer Joseph Mayanja, alias Jose Chameleone, he has issued a warning to Ugandans to not play his music when he is no more. The singer, who is known for his contribution to the Ugandan music industry and his hit songs, has emphasized that he wants to be remembered while he is still alive.

At a recent press conference, Chameleone called upon his fans, followers, and well-wishers to be part of his upcoming event “Legend Ggwanga Mujje” at Lugogo Cricket Oval, where he will perform some of his hit songs. The singer expressed his desire to celebrate his music and his life with his fans and followers, instead of waiting for his death to commemorate him.

Chameleone also warned Ugandans against playing fallen musicians’ music all day long, as a way of commemorating them, yet they couldn’t give them their flowers while they could still smell them. He noted that this was a trend in the Ugandan music industry, and he wanted to break away from it. The singer believes that the best way to remember fallen musicians is to celebrate their music and life while they are still alive, and not after their death.

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The singer also asked Ugandans to respect his wish, and refrain from playing his music when he passes away. He emphasized that he wants to rest in peace and be remembered for his music and legacy, not for his death. Jose Chameleone believes that his music speaks for itself, and he wants to be remembered for the joy and happiness it has brought to people’s lives, not for his death.

In conclusion, Chameleone’s warning to Ugandans serves as a reminder that musicians and artists should be celebrated while they are still alive, and not after their death. It is a wake-up call for fans and followers to celebrate and appreciate their favorite artists while they can still enjoy it, instead of waiting until they are gone. Chameleone’s music is a testament to his legacy, and his upcoming event is a celebration of his life and his contribution to the Ugandan music industry. So, let’s all be part of the celebration and show our love and appreciation for the legendary Jose Chameleone while he still lives.

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