Geosteady and Prima Kardashi Celebrate Daughter’s Birthday

Geosteady, a talented singer and songwriter, has put his differences with his ex-baby mama Prima Kardashi aside to celebrate their daughter’s birthday. The singer and Prima were together for more than 10 years, and they share two children. However, in 2019, they broke up, and since then, they have had several ups and downs in their co-parenting journey.

Recently, the two exposed each other’s dirty secrets on social media, which created a lot of tension between them. Nevertheless, they both seem to have set aside their differences for the sake of their children, especially on their daughter’s special day. Geosteady took to his social media pages to wish his daughter Sorayah a happy birthday, expressing his love and affection towards her.

Geosteady’s message to his daughter shows just how much he values her and the role she plays in his life. He refers to Sorayah as his “best friend, soulmate, and princess,” adding that she is one of the best things that ever happened to him. It is evident from Geosteady’s message that he is a caring father who loves and cherishes his daughter. His message is also a clear indication that he has put the past behind him and is willing to co-parent with Prima, for the sake of their children.

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“Happy birthday to my best friend, my soulmate my princess 👸 Sorayah you’re one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I LOVE U SO SO MUCH 🎂🎉🎊,” Geosteady chanted.

It is worth noting that co-parenting is not always easy, especially after a breakup or a divorce. Sometimes, the parents may have unresolved issues that may affect their ability to co-parent effectively. However, Geosteady and Prima have shown that they are capable of putting their differences aside and working together to raise their children.

Geosteady’s message also highlights the importance of celebrating milestones and special moments in our children’s lives. Birthdays are an opportunity to show our children how much we love and appreciate them. It is a time to create happy memories that our children will cherish for a lifetime. Geosteady’s decision to celebrate his daughter’s birthday, despite his differences with her mother, is a testament to his commitment to being a good father.

In conclusion, Geosteady’s message to his daughter Sorayah is heartwarming and inspiring. It shows that despite the challenges that may arise in co-parenting, it is possible to put the needs of our children first. It also highlights the importance of celebrating special moments in our children’s lives and creating happy memories that they will cherish forever.


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