Daddy thank you for comin into my life – Bad Black To Asha Panda

Valentine’s Day is often seen as a day where men are expected to spend money on gifts and treats for their significant others. However, Ugandan socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa, also known as Bad Black, believes that this tradition needs to change. Through social media, Bad Black encouraged women to take the initiative and treat their partners on Valentine’s Day, rather than expecting men to foot the bill.

Bad Black’s message was not just about gender roles, but also about the importance of financial independence in relationships. She urged men to avoid dating women who do not have the means to contribute to the relationship, and called out women who rely on men to pay for everything. This is an important reminder that both partners should be willing to put effort into a relationship and that financial responsibility should not fall on one person alone.

In addition to her advice, Bad Black also shared a heartfelt message to her fiancé, Asha Panda, thanking him for being her support system through difficult times. She expressed that her feelings for him went beyond love and credited him with helping her overcome depression and suicidal thoughts. This is a reminder that Valentine’s Day is not just about gifts and treats, but also about expressing gratitude for the people in our lives who bring us joy and support.

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“Sometimes I have no explanation because what I feel is more than love. God answered & rewarded my kind heart with you Asha Panda. Daddy thank you for comin into my life. Without you depression, desperation and suicide thoughts would’ve caught me in there cage. You’re the reason am still moving and chasing goals for our children. Happy valentine daddy. I love you from the depth of my soul.” Bad Black said

Overall, Bad Black’s message encourages a shift in the traditional expectations of Valentine’s Day. Instead of expecting men to do everything, women can take the initiative to treat their partners and contribute to the relationship. At the same time, her message reminds us of the importance of financial independence and mutual effort in relationships. Finally, her heartfelt message to her fiancé reminds us of the true meaning of Valentine’s Day, which is to express gratitude and love to those who are important to us.

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