Clearing the Air: Producer Didi Muchwa Denies Eddy Kenzo

Producer Didi Muchwa made headlines in April when he found himself in a needy situation while struggling to make ends meet. Several renowned artists he had worked with were called upon to help him out of his misery. Eddy Kenzo, King Saha, Coco Finger, and others were tasked with the responsibility of reviving Didi’s career by setting up a new studio for him since his machines had been confiscated by the police during his arrest.

King Saha pledged to look for Producer Didi Muchwa and extend support to him. Eddy Kenzo, on the other hand, claimed that Didi needed collective effort as he had already tried to help him but realized it wouldn’t be enough. However, Didi poured cold water on Kenzo’s statements, stating that the singer had never supported him in any way. According to Didi, Kenzo always directed him to his manager whenever he reached out to him, but never gave him any money.

Didi acknowledged that the only people who helped him when he was ill were Gift Kaddo, who provided him with meals on his sick bed, and King Saha, who sent him Ugx 300,000. Didi further noted that he was aware that Eddy Kenzo didn’t like him, and he was okay with it, but he should stop lying to the public about how he had been helping him financially.

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In the full video, Producer Didi Muchwa explains his journey with Eddy Kenzo, the newly elected president of the Uganda Musicians National Federation. He expressed his disappointment in Kenzo, stating that he had expected more from someone in his position. Didi’s story highlights the importance of genuine support and the need for artists to come together to help their colleagues during difficult times. While some may only pay lip service, others may genuinely extend a helping hand.

It’s essential for those who offer help to follow through with their promises, as false promises only lead to disappointment and mistrust. It’s also crucial for those in positions of power to use their influence to positively impact the lives of others.

In conclusion, Didi’s story should serve as a reminder to all artists to support each other and to be genuine in their efforts to help their colleagues. It’s through collective efforts that we can create a better and more supportive community.

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