Buzibu Bwo Takes Over: Feffe Bussi’s Latest Release Dominates the Music Scene

Frank Mukiiza, popularly known as Feffe Bussi, has kickstarted his pro-Arafat reign with the release of his new video for his project titled ‘Buzibu Bwo’. The self-proclaimed ‘Smallest Rapper’ has recently parted ways with his long-term manager Arafat, citing that it is best for both of them to move forward with their lives. While the reasons for their separation remain undisclosed, Feffe BussiFeffe Bussi seems to have found a way to channel his energy into his music.

Feffe Bussi released the brand new visuals for his trending song titled ‘Buzibu Bwo’ early on Friday morning. The dancehall song produced by D’Mario has picked up momentum via TikTok and has been a trending sound for a couple of months now. It continues to dominate playlists and is a favorite for many. You will hear it play numerous times at your favorite hangout.

The new visuals, directed by Jah Live, add fuel to the fire of the song’s popularity. Feffe acts as a gang leader in the video to portray the message in the song. The vibe is really up there, and fans are loving it.

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Feffe Bussi seems to be on the right track as he moves forward with his pro-Arafat reign. The release of this new video has definitely put him in the spotlight, and fans are excited to see what he has in store for the future.

In a recent interview, Feffe Bussi stated that he is excited to be exploring new avenues and to be working on his craft. He is confident that this new project will take him to new heights and help him reach new fans.

The rapper’s fans have been showing him love on social media, praising him for his talent and creativity. They are excited to see him back in action and look forward to seeing what he has in store for the future.

Overall, Feffe Bussi’s new video for his project titled ‘Buzibu Bwo’ is a must-watch for fans of dancehall music. The video is creative, vibrant, and packed with energy, making it a perfect reflection of Feffe Bussi’s talent and passion for his craft.


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