Alien Skin Shakes Hands With Isma Olaxess, Fails To Skin Him

The recent incident involving Alien Skin, a well-known Ugandan singer, and Isma Olaxess, a blogger, has raised serious concerns about the use of violent language and threats in the entertainment industry. Appearing before a press conference a few days ago, Alien Skin threatened to skin Isma Olaxess alive once he meets him. However, to everyone’s surprise, the “Sitya Danger” ended up chickening out and just shook Isma’s hands, still chewing his leaves.

This incident highlights the problem of using violent language and threats to settle disputes. It is unacceptable for anyone to make such statements, especially public figures who are looked up to by millions of fans. It is important for the entertainment industry to promote a culture of respect, tolerance, and non-violence.

Isma Olaxess had earlier accused Alien Skin of threatening to assault NBS TV gossipmonger, Isaac Kawalya aka Kaiyz. In addition, Isma questioned if there is any company that would be willing to endorse Alien Skin due to his behavior. The fact that Alien Skin smokes weed and chews Khart while performing and in public only serves to reinforce these concerns.

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Thankfully, the two were able to put their differences aside and make peace when they met at NBS TV. However, this incident serves as a warning to all entertainers that violent language and threats should not be tolerated in any form. It is important for public figures to use their influence and platforms to promote positive values and to set an example for their fans.

It is also important for the entertainment industry to take a stand against such behavior and to establish clear guidelines and codes of conduct. Companies should carefully consider the behavior and character of the artists they choose to endorse and work with, and should not tolerate any form of violence or abusive language.

In conclusion, the incident involving Alien Skin and Isma Olaxess highlights the need for a culture of respect and non-violence in the entertainment industry. We should all strive to promote positive values and to set an example for our fans and followers. We should also hold public figures accountable for their behavior and ensure that they use their platforms for good. Violence and threats have no place in our society, and we should all work together to create a safer and more tolerant world.

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