Bank of Uganda bans banknote gifts

The Bank of Uganda has cautioned Ugandans against defacing the national currency by using bank notes as gifts. But the central bank warned on Wednesday that such practices constitute mutilation and defacing and compromise the integrity of the Uganda Shilling currency, which is illegal. It became even more prominent in the lead-up to this year’s…

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Batalo Dance festival returns in 10th edition

We are likely to have another recreation of dances, but in a greater style, as the annual Batalo East Dance Festival in its 10th edition at their new “Batalo East Creative Center” in Kachonga, Bufujja, Butaleja District, on December 16, 2023. The organizers told uncoveredug news reporters that “the festival will showcase performances from diverse…

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Covid-19 remains a threat virus – WHO

COVID-19 remains a threat as a virus variant has been spreading steadily around the globe, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Tuesday. “This virus, SARS-CoV-2, is circulating in every country right now, and it still poses a threat,” WHO expert Maria Van Kerkhove said. However, Van Kerkhove was the WHO’s technical lead during the coronavirus…

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Sheikh Umar Accused of Defiling Brother's Daughter

Video: Sheikh Umar Accused of Defiling Brother’s Daughter

In a shocking turn of events, Nansana-based religious healer Sheikh Umar finds himself at the center of a disturbing controversy. Accused of defiling his brother Ibrah’s daughter, the once-respected man’s character is now under intense scrutiny. The revelation of Sheikh Umar’s arrest came from an undisclosed family member who, while choosing to remain anonymous, disclosed…

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Karole Kasita Concert- UMA Showground Fills up as Karole Kasita Electrifies Her First Ever Concert

UMA Showground Fills up as Karole Kasita Electrifies Her First Ever Concert | Photos

Karole Kasita inaugurated her concert at the UMA showground in Kampala, which was nothing short of spectacular, marking a significant milestone in her burgeoning career. The electric atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as fans eagerly awaited her presence on stage. From the instant she graced the platform, Karole’s mesmerizing performance held the audience captive. Her potent…

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